About us

A family owned business.

We strive to create Chilli based products like Chutneys, Relishes and Sauces which taste great.
We have new products which are constantly being created and are added to the Store.

We love food, love to cook, love to eat.
It’s our passion.

We try and grow all our own produce for our products, we believe this sets us apart from others.
Garden fanatics, yes!
That tomato in the jar of Relish you just purchased from us was most likely just recently picked from our garden.
The Herbs used are from our garden too.

We don’t mass produce, we produce what we’re able to grow.

If you follow us on social media, you’ll see that we do love to garden and grow our own food.

Chilli Products

These days we find many products out there based on Super Hot chillies designed to, well basically, “hurt” you!
Don’t get me wrong, it’s funny when you give it to your macho mate who thinks he can handle hot chilli, but invariably, the jar ends up sitting in your fridge.
On a side note, we have some super hot products as well, for the die hard chilli folks and for that special someone…

One thing about super hot chillies like Bhut Jolokias, Scorpion Trinidads and others like them, is they have a really different and intensive taste.
I find Bhuts add a lovely “sweetness” to food when you cook them up.

Our classic Relish, which we call “The Original”, is sweet, sour and spicy.
Our kids love it, it’s hot, but not super hot, it’s enjoyable and has a wonderful flavour!